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Maybe you’re a blog lover or maybe you’re a blogger yourself… but whatever it is that brought you to my lovely blog, I am truly happy to have you here! CoffeeHeartMind is a lifestyle blog where I write my heart out. I’d love to tell you a bit about this wonderful project of mine before you wander deeper into my caffeinated world.

My Goal For This Blog

With CoffeeHeartMind, I wanted to help people like you realize that they are not alone. Whether you are a single parent or co-parent, whether you were a teenage parent or not, or you suffer from mental and/or physical illness – you are not alone.

Let Me Help You Share Your Story!!!

We’ve all got a story to share and I’m a big believer that someone can always benefit from hearing someone’s story. So if you have a story that you would like to share, I would love to have you over on Fridays! Click here to learn more about #FeatureFriday!

I really look forward to working with you!!! ♡

Let’s Help Others Get Out Of That Funk!

We’ve been in that funk! I just started a new segment called #BrighteningMyDarkestDays and I’m looking for contributors! I want to know what you did or what helped brighten YOUR darkest days. Click here to learn more about #BrighteningMyDarkestDays!

Who Am I?

Chelle+Mr.J. ChocoMilkshake


I’m Chelle and I am currently a stay-at-home mama. I say currently because I’ve been on an extended medical leave – 16 months to be exact by December 2016. This is also my second medical leave in three years. I’ve been chronically ill all my life. I know how difficult and tiring it can be to be sick all the time as a child and now a parent. You can learn more about me here. I’ll write about my struggles and accomplishments.  This is my little corner of the internet and I would love for you to visit often!

What Can You Expect From Me?

I’ve been following a daily blog theme list that I have so I’ve been publishing 2-3 times a week. Keep an eye out for the following days:

  • Sunday:           #ShareSunday
  • Monday:         #MotivateMonday
  • Wednesday:   #WellnessWednesday
  • Thursday:       #TutorialThursday
  • Friday:            #FeatureFridays
  • Saturday:        #TheBloggerBehindTheBlog

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