What Lead To My Second Medical Leave In A Year and A Half

God only gives you what you can handle. But I really do believe that my body truly hates me. Even with all the health concerns that I already have – a year after my acute pericarditis, I get a skin condition that is undiagnosed. Buuuuut I guess we should start from the beginning…. I was in school… term 6 [April – July], I got a loonie-sized rash (that’s as early as I […]

I was a teen mom. This is my story. @ CoffeeHeartMind

I Was A Teen Mom & This Is My Story

My early teen years was just like any other… I started high school and had loads of friends. I was determined to find myself as I had always “tried to fit in” in elementary school. I was an honour student throughout! High grades. Teachers loved me. Very social. Never got into trouble. I was taking two dance classes outside of school (hip hop and jazz) and I was a choreographer for the […]

Not Feelin’ Well. New Medications. Ten Steps Back.

I’ve been doing so well. I’ve been focused, motivated and mostly pain free. But three weeks ago, it started to go downhill. For whatever reason, I had a headache that just wouldn’t go away! It lasted just short of two weeks! Seeing my chiropractor and my massage therapist didn’t help. The constant pain just took my energy away. I couldn’t focus on anything. It made me pretty miserable. I couldn’t function. On […]

Meet Julie of Travel as Much!

Your name: Julie Peters
Name of your blog: Travel as Much
Blog social media accounts: 
 Meet Julie! #TheBloggerBehindTheBlog
Let’s get to know YOU:
Tell us a little bit about yourself (mini bio):  Travel has been a lifelong passion of mine. I was very active in the AFS club in high school, got a degree in International Affairs, and have been on several international trips.  I have a bucket list of places to visit that is quite long and ranges from the trendy (Iceland) to the obscure (Isle of Man).  I live in a Maryland college town with my husband of 17 years, my 14 year old daughter, and a Corgi mix dog named Kingston – they are all excellent travel companions! 
What do you do outside of blogging (think school or work):  I work at a non-profit agency that serves individuals with developmental disabilities.
What do you like to do on your down time?  I love doing anything crafty and hands-on, and I am forever trying new projects that I see on Pinterest.  The results aren’t always spot-on, but at least I can say I tried!  LOL.  I also enjoy baking, spending time with my family, and reading.  
Blog niche:  General travel, with an emphasis on the historical significance of attractions/destinations.  I also enjoy visiting and writing about lesser-known, quirky places that the average tourist might not consider visiting (but would totally enjoy if they did!). 
What’s the purpose of your blog?  I just get soooo excited about new places and I love to share my experiences/information with other people. Blogging gives me a platform to share with other people who love to travel (instead of my friends, who wonder why I would want to leave home).
Who’s your target?  Anyone who has a desire to learn more about a place than just what is presented at face value – the people who find themselves saying, “I wonder why they did it this way…” when taking in unusual art, architecture, food, etc.  I’m older than a lot of the travel bloggers out there, so I suppose my target audience would also be older travelers.  You won’t find me focusing on hostels or four day hikes, or toddler-friendly destinations.
What’s the best way for your audience to contact you?   Fill out the contact form on my site:
How would you describe your blogging style?  Enthusiastic and honest.  If I like something, I’m bound to gush with geeky enthusiasm.  If I don’t like it, I will say so.  
When did you start blogging?  I started my travel blog in May 2016, but I also had a personal blog from 2005-2012.
What inspired you to start blogging?  I got a new desk job that leaves me with a lot of time on my hands.  I needed something to pass the time when work was slow, and since I’m usually fixating on travel-related topics anyway, why not share my finds with the world?
What’s the biggest change in your life since you started blogging?  I’ve become even more travel-obsessed, which I did not think was even possible! Also, I am more likely now to dig a little deeper into the history of places. There are so many fascinating stories out there!
Blogging goals:  
  • Short term:  To continue posting new content on a consistent basis.
  • Long term:  It’s not my goal to reach a certain number of followers.  That would be nice, but my main goal is to keep blogging with the enthusiasm for travel that I have.  I want the blogging aspect of my travels to remain enjoyable.  If it ever becomes more of a job than a passion, I will probably stop doing it.
If you could start blogging all over again, what would you do differently?   Believe it or not, I would start more slowly.  In the very beginning, I was in a hurry to establish the blog by publishing as many posts as possible.  I don’t know how many times I’ve gone back and edited those first few hundred posts because I later discovered something that I should have been doing.  Had I started slower, I think my posts would be more uniform, both in appearance and in the way I wrote them.  But since I can’t keep re-working my early posts, I will just have to ask my readers to forgive me for the ones I wrote before I had even the tiniest clue.
How do you motivate yourself to continue blogging?  That’s easy! I’m always discovering new places and finding out new information. Blogging is just an extension of that.  Some people call up their girlfriends when they’ve got exciting news to share.  I blog about it.
What attributes has helped you become successful blogger?  I think by most industry standards, I’m not a successful blogger…yet! However, I think that I am fairly talented at researching a topic and being able to sort of boil down all the information into one concise blog post that includes all of the information you will need and none that you won’t.   
How have you tried to increase your blog traffic? Which way has been the most successful?  Instagram seems to be one of the easiest platforms for drawing an audience. I also utilize Pinterest, Google +, Flipboard, Bloglovin’, Twitter and Facebook.  Pinterest has been the most successful of the bunch.
What’s your favourite social media platform and why?  Instagram.  Unlike Facebook, it’s generally a happy, positive place.  People aren’t going on about politics and getting angry all the time.  
Most of your traffic comes from which social media platform?  Pinterest
What’s your favourite blogging group on Facebook?   Female Travel Bloggers – I’ve learned so much there!
Do you have a freebie for your readers? If so, what is it? Do we need to subscribe to receive it?  not at this time, but stay tuned!
What’s your greatest win so far with blogging?  I know you’re looking for “I hit 1000 followers!” or “my post was published on Huffington Post!” but in all honesty, I think my greatest win has been how much I’ve learned about destinations, travel hacks, and about blogging in general.  
What’s the biggest lesson you’ve so far with blogging?  Your mileage may vary.  What works great for me might not work as well for you.  And vice versa.
Has blogging surprised you in any way? If so, how?  Not really.  As I said, I had a blog years ago.  So the process of blogging isn’t new to me, even though the mechanics are.
How often do you publish a post?  I publish 1-3 times per week.  
Have you had writer’s block? If so, how did you overcome it?  I really only write when inspiration and opportunity meet.  If there’s no inspiration, I just wait it out.  I don’t want to force something that doesn’t come to me naturally.
Do you have a blogging schedule? Daily theme? Please share!  no, I don’t.
Have you guest posted for someone?   not yet, but I would love the opportunity to do that!
Have you made money from blogging? If so, how?    not yet
How long had you been blogging before you made any money?   n/a
Who’s your favourite blogger before you started blogging and why? (Name and blog URL)   Ree Drummond/Pioneer Woman ( – I loved her down-to-earth blog posts, great recipes, and awesome photography of a part of America that I have never been to.
Who’s your favourite blogger now and why? (Name and blog URL)  Rosie/The Londoner ( She goes to amazing places, takes incredible photos, is gorgeous, loves good food, and has impeccable fashion sense.  What’s not to like?
What type of blogs are you interested in reading and why?  I enjoy blogs of any subject that have good photography.  I also enjoy DIY craft/cooking blogs and travel blogs (of course!).
List the top 5 blogs you are reading currently: (Names and blog URLs)  
  1. Humans of New York (
  2. The Londoner (
  3. Atlas Obscura (
  4. Hand Luggage Only (
  5. Wandering Redhead (
Give advice to someone who wants to start blogging:  Don’t over-think it.  There is a TON of advice out there, even formulas for how to blog, when to blog, how often to blog etc.  Ask for and take advice, but remain true to yourself above all else.  Forcing your blog to fit into someone else’s formula will do more harm than good.
Tell us one thing your readers don’t know about you: I’ve been inside the Oval Office.  
Anything else you’d like to share with us? Go for it!!! 
Leave a message for your readers:  Please visit my blog and give me some feedback.  I’d love to hear from you!

Do you want to be interviewed for TheBloggerBehindTheBlog segment? Click the link and fill out the form!

When Your Child Is Diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression, Part 2

When Your Child Is Diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression, Part 2 After finding out the horrible things that had been said to my daughter on the bus, and still reeling to the point that my very insides were shaking, I called the school immediately and left a message for the principal. I sent notes to school and spoke with teachers and did everything I possibly could just shy of getting up on […]

To My 20-Year-Old Self

We’ve been through a lot, don’t you agree? We’ve had to grow up so fast. It’s actually quite tiring thinking about it. We thought that once we were in our twenties it would get better. We have always dreamt marrying our one and only when were 27. Hope that we have a career by then. Hope that we have money in our bank account. Spoiler alert! – it doesn’t go the way […]

I need compassionate people in my life

As a Chronic Illness Sufferer, I Need Compassionate People In My Life

It’s tough living life with chronic illness. It’s even harder when the people around you aren’t compassionate. I’m very grateful that my family and close friends understand me. Sure, I was never the social type. It might seem like it when you meet me, but in reality, I am much happier at home. I’d rather stay in my sweats all day watching Netflix than go out. I’ve missed birthday celebrations and other get […]

I just want to sleep

Tick… tick… tick… I can hear the rain against my window. I can hear a random car pass by. My eyes are heavy so I close them. I pull my blankets high. Tick… tick… tick… I lay on my side, hand under my head with a pillow in between. Tick… tick… tick… it’s 1:45 in the morning. I’ve been in bed since 11. I just want to sleep. Tick… tick… tick… I […]

Daily Issues Those With Chronic Illness Go Through

Life with an invisible illness to anyone that doesn’t live with one is impossible to understand.” How can people who have an ordinary well functioning immune system possibly understand what life is like? The answer – They cant. I have created a list of daily issues that people with chronic illness go through to try to explain to people without our illnesses what daily life is like We are constantly in pain. […]


Why I Love The Customizr Theme In WordPress

When I first started blogging, I tried a number of different themes but I didn’t fall in love with any of them. Some of them were cute for sure but none of them were exactly what I needed. There would always be that one thing I wished I could change about it but couldn’t. But then I found the Customizr. I love this theme. I cannot stress that enough. I love the […]

When the tables turn and it's not you feeling unwell (Part 3) @ CoffeeHeartMind

When The Tables Turn and It’s Not You Feeling Unwell (Part 3)

If you haven’t done so, I suggest reading the earlier parts to this series. Part 1: His symptoms Part 2: At the Hospital     When the tables turn and it’s not you feeling unwell: The Outcome The moment of truth… The nurse came back and said that his test results came back great and that he’s allowed to leave!! YESSSSS!!! I immediately called a cab to take us home. His mom […]

To My 37-Year-Old Self

There are a lot of things I wish for you. There are a lot more things I am curious about. Here are a few… + I hope you’re happy now. Truly happy. Inside and out. + I hope your health is better + I hope you are no longer in pain + I hope you are no longer battling this psoriasiform dermatitis + Do you still get migraines? + Do we have […]

Returning to Work After Baby… and Surviving It!

Returning to Work After Baby…and Surviving it No matter how short or long your maternity leave is (for me, 8 weeks with baby 1 and 14 weeks with baby 2), going back to work and figuring out how to actually arrive at work at a decent time is the hardest thing you will experience after having a new baby. So many tears will be shed and the first full day that you […]

When the tables turn and it's not you feeling unwell (Part 2) @ CoffeeHeartMind

When The Tables Turn and It’s Not You Feeling Unwell (Part 2)

So you may remember the first part of this series where I spoke about the entire week leading up to this. All of Mr. J’s signs and symptoms were there: the fever… the fatigue… the low blood pressure. If you haven’t read the first part, you can read it here. I suggest you do. 😉 On the way to the ER I called his work to let them know that he wasn’t coming […]

When Your Child Is Diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression (Part 1)

When Your Child Is Diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression, Part 1 My daughter has always been one of the smartest children you could ever imagine. I cannot tell you how many times I, and others, have called her “wise beyond her years”. Not only is she smart in regards to schoolwork, but she has a level of common sense that most children do not get, even past their high school years. I […]

When the tables turn and it's not you feeling unwell (Part 1) @ CoffeeHeartMind

When The Tables Turn and It’s Not You Feeling Unwell (Part 1)

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you all an event that occurred just a little over two weeks ago. I usually write about my experiences with my health, but today’s post is different. I feel that the title is very fitting. Note: I have permission to write this LONG and detailed post.  I’m usually the one that feels unwell in my family… …and as much as we all hate it, we’ve […]

Happy Monday!

I’m sure that it’s safe to say that we’ve all had times in our lives when we thought that we couldn’t it. Whether it be a big exam, a nerve-wrecking interview for a job that you really want, or just a large rollercoaster you wanted to try – we’ve all been there. I’ve had numerous times in my life when I felt that way – from being pregnant at 16, my first […]

One young woman's health journey

One Young Woman’s Health Journey

My life as a spoonie-from the beginning. I was 17 years when all my problems first started.  I have pretty much stumbled through life, struggling in one way or another with some form of illness. I think my spoonie life first started when I was actually around 2 years old.  My mum told me I was under a consultant with suspected precocious puberty.  I had to have MRI scans and tests as […]

How blogging is helping me fight my depression

How Blogging Is Helping Me Fight My Depression

I first started seeing my counsellor in October of 2016; two months after finally being diagnosed with depression. I had been on a medical leave from school for just a little over a year, I had been diagnosed with 1 dermatological condition, 4 spinal conditions and I got into an MVA. Everything prevented me from going to school and work – no wonder I was depressed.  One of the things that we spoke […]

How a chronically ill mama is #rockingmotherhood

A Chronically Ill Mama #RockingMotherhood!

I was nominated to contribute to the #RockingMotherhood series by Stephenie – the blogger behind Blended Life Happy Wife! I love interacting with that mama! You guys should seriously check out her Instagram – I love all the quotes she’s got going on! I have to admit, I was happy to be nominated but after about 4 minutes, that feeling sunk and what I started to feel was dread. All I could […]

The Struggle Is Real

Read about one woman’s journey with depression and anxiety and the notebook that keeps her health in check. The Struggle Is Real We all have our own struggles. My struggles are what I was told everyone has. The only problem is, I have depression and Social Anxiety Disorder. That old saying, “Don’t cry over spilt milk”. Yeah, that was made because of me, I am sure of it. I worry about everything. Seriously. […]

I want a big family but my health won't let me

I Want A Big Family But My Health Won’t Let Me.

I’ve always wanted a large family. Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamt of a large close-knit family. I loved the idea of having 3-4 kids; I’ve always wanted them close in age as well so that they will have a strong bond. I dreamt of creating family traditions. But my health won’t let me. Okay… okay… maybe my health didn’t NOT let me. It didn’t necessary tell me “No, Chelle. […]

Happy Monday

Happy Monday!

You may know that I haven’t been feeling well the last couple of weeks. My body has been so achy and I’ve had nonstop headaches. Last week, I started my new medication and one of the side effects has me down for the count! I’ve been so lethargic and so sleepy that I spent majority of my birthday weekend in bed! I really do need to remember this quote more often. I […]

A letter to my 16 year old self

To My 16-Year-Old Self

We learned a lot this year. And I mean *A LOT*. Thinking about it now, that was a lot for a 16-year-old to handle. Good on you! If I were to compare ourselves and the events occurred between our 16-year-old self and our 27-year-old self… I’m pretty sure we could write a book. How did 2004 start? We were still choreographing. I believe we just finished a competition just before Christmas and […]

A letter to a stoic husband

A Letter To a Stoic Husband – From Your Wife Who Suffered Mental Illness

  To my good man, thank-you for teaching me the meaning of unconditional love. In the beginning you were my companion for carefree nights out. You were my super cute boyfriend and together we knew only good times. It’s hard to reconcile that from the seeds of that friendship an unbreakable bond would grow. It would carry me through the darkest of days. You would become my soul-mate and your love would […]

My House Is A Mess

My House Is A Mess & I’m In Sweats… & That’s Okay

Reality check: my house isn’t featured in those design magazines. …and unfortunately, I don’t think it ever will be. I would love for it to be those kinds of homes though. You know… clean. I’m sure we would all love a home like that, right? Bright. Inviting. Spacious. Maybe I’ll have a home like that one day. But for now…   I can tell you right now that if you were to come over, you will find dishes […]

How to grow old without getting sick

How to Grow Old Without Getting Sick

How to Grow Old Without Getting Sick Many people believe that growing old goes hand in hand with frequent trips to the doctor, along with a gradual loss of memory and the ability to learn new things. They’re afraid of aging because they think they’ll become a burden on society. Is this a fair generalization? From a statistical standpoint, getting older does increase your risk of chronic disease, including those associated with […]

What is a spoonie?

What’s A Spoonie?

As a fairly new blogger with a focus on chronic illness, I want to find those who can relate to what I write. I want to find others who I can connect with. I want to connect with those who can help me help others. So I started searching on social media. I searched all the hashtags that I could think of! I looked for chronic illness, mental health, physical health, and other variations […]

Full House is binge watch worthy

Full House Is Binge Watch Worthy

  IMDB‘s little tidbit on Full House: TV-G Comedy, Drama, Family 1987-1995 Watching Full House is so nostalgic! I’ve always loved watching the show! So – of course – I got super excited when it became available on NETFLIX!!!! I’ve been trying to get my son to watch it and guys… I finally succeeded! I opened up with a “hey! I’ve always enjoyed watching that show! Want to see what it’s about?”  and my son agreed. I got […]

CoffeeHeartMind FeatureFridays - Jessica

Anorexia Ate Me Alive

We must all remember that our words can truly affect someone’s life. We must choose our words wisely and with care. We must teach our children to do the same. We can really have an impact on someone whether or not we realize it. This is Jessica’s story. Anorexia Ate Me Alive We all have iconic moments in our lives where our destiny’s change forever. This was one of them. It was like […]

A day in the life of someone with 10chronicconditions

A Day In The Life Of Someone With 10 Chronic Conditions

The last 3 years have been HEAVY! I’ve had chronic headaches for at least a decade. I was diagnosed with migraines in 2013. In 2015, I was diagnosed with psoriasiform dermatitis – it’s pretty much just SEVERE eczema – and I had to take a medical leave (which I am still on). I was diagnosed with 4 spinal conditions (scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, bilateral spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis) in one day in June of 2016. And since I was […]

The best view comes after the hardest climb

Happy Monday!

When times get rough we all want to quit. We have to remember that certain things take work. We have to work hard for what we want. Life isn’t easy. Life is work. If we love something, we have to work hard for it. We have to work hard to get ourselves to the top of the mountain before we get to appreciate the beautiful view.

What helped me during my darkest days

What Helped Me During My Darkest Days

I started the #BrighteningMyDarkestDays hashtag because I’ve been there. I’ve had my dark days where everything is so dark and everything seems so pointless. I also knew that it wouldn’t last, but I just didn’t know how to get myself out of it. So I started #BrighteningMyDarkestDays in hopes that we could all share what helped get us through it in hopes that it’ll help others through their darkest days. Let’s help others get out […]

FeatureFridays - 4 ways to soothe a colicky baby

4 Ways to Soothe a Colicky Baby

Parents… we’ve all been here, right? Our baby who won’t stop crying no matter what we did. It’s worrisome, really. All I thought was “Okay, you just woke up, I just changed you and you’ve been fed and burped. What’s the matter?! Why are you still crying?” Maybe they were colicky, maybe they weren’t. According the BabyCenter, Colic is uncontrollable crying in an otherwise healthy baby. Your baby is considered colicky if he’s […]

CoffeeHeartMind - A reflection on my first serious month blogging

A Reflection On My First Serious Month Blogging

Oh my goodness! January has been AMAZING!! You may be wondering what I mean by my first “serious” month blogging. Well… I started CoffeeHeartMind in early December but I got serious about blogging just this month… and by serious, I mean I googled and Pinterested my way to learn more about the blogging world. I wanted to share with you how my first month of serious blogging went but I don’t plan to have […]


A Parent With Depression (The Mental Black Hole)

Depression. It’s dark. It’s lonely. It’s a trench that keeps getting deeper. It’s the mental black hole. It’s hard to have your mind put you down constantly. I thought that it was difficult before but… Being a parent with depression is a new level of difficulty. It makes you feel like such a failure. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, A major depressive disorder — usually just called “depression” — is different than the […]


Happy Monday!

We all have those moments… difficult moments that make you want to pull your hair out, sweep your desk clean and just give up. Moments that frustrate us. Moments that annoy us. But we take a deep breath, and continue with what we were doing. …because we are AWESOME! So here is a little something to motivate you this Monday!


Just Because You Can’t See Me Struggling Doesn’t Mean I’m Not

I am in pain And I struggle everyday. I constantly argue with myself. It’s tough to have your mind tell you That you’re not good enough… That you’ll never be good enough…. That no one will read this… (Because noone will care…) Why would they want to? Why should you get out of bed…? Don’t bother doing anything… You’ll do it wrong anyway. And then they’ll get mad at you. Do you […]


Why I Have A Different Definition Of Health

I am so excited to introduce our #FeatureFriday blogger! Margaret Stuart from is a fitness enthusiast who is passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals. She dropped by the blog today to share with us her definition of health while being chronically ill.   Why I Have A Different Definition Of Health   I am currently in my last semester of college, finishing out my degree in Public Health and in […]


5 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

Plugins are a MUST HAVE for your WordPress blog! They allow you to further customize your blog to your liking and make it more “user friendly”.  They can help make your blog more appealing and more functional. …But there are SO MANY out there to choose from! How do you know which one to install? The following list are the plugins that I think every blogger must add to their blog without delay!   […]


Taking Care Of Myself… Massaged to Wellness

I love getting massages! Who doesn’t? A little feet rub at the end of a long day… a little neck rub… the scalp massage when getting their hair done at the salon… Oh man! Sometimes, your body just needs a hand – ha! mom joke. Massage helps your body treat itself without the use of medications; just with heat and a little manual manipulation, I am certain that I started seeing a Registered […]

How to improve your blog's IG account

How To Improve Your Blog’s Instagram Account!!!

So you have a blog and you want people to notice it. Maybe you already have an Instagram account for your blog but want to know how to make it better. Today I’m going to list 5 simple things that you can do today to improve your blog’s Instagram account! Make It A Business Account Whether your blog is a “personal” blog or it’s a “business” blog, make your Instagram account a business […]

What I learned my first month blogging

What I Learned During My First Month Blogging

One month down, a lifetime to go! I just passed my one month blogging milestone and I am so happy! *happy dance* My little corner of the Internet is alive and well! *gushes* I am here to share with you all of the things that I’ve learned during the past 30 days. I’m going to assume that since you are reading this, you are either wanting to start a blog of your own […]

16 movies to watch out for in 2017

16 Movies to watch out for in 2017!

A brand new year means another set of movies to look forward to! I am beyond excited about all the movies coming out this year! I’m not even the biggest movie goer but oh man, I am definitely going to try and watch these movies on the BIG SCREEN!! Hello, cheapie Tuesdays!  I try not to go to the movies often – it’s too expensive for me to watch all the time: 3 tickets + popcorn + drinks – […]

10 ways to manage a relationship with depression

10 Ways To Manage a Relationship With Depression

It’s always such a pleasure to meet like-minded people. I’ve suffered with depression during my life time, but only recently have I been diagnosed with clinical depression. I have always wondered what it was like to be on the other side of a partnership where depression exists. I am excited that through my new love of blogging, I met Alexandra – a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist based in New York – who […]

Goodbye Microsoft Hello Apple

Goodbye, Microsoft. Hello, Apple!

I’ve always been a Microsoft girl. Always. Forever. It’s just what I grew up with. Don’t get me wrong… I was never against Apple… I was one of the first in line for the first generation iPod! But… computer wise… Microsoft all the way! I’m going to be honest here, I’m not the greatest with computers. I swear it’s all against me. All of the computers I have ever owned would crash and would always seemed […]

My 2017 blogger planner

My 2017 Blogger Planner!

Oh mai goodness! It’s here, guys! It’s finally here – you know… from the printers! I am holding my very own 2017 Blogger Planner!! As someone who’s always ALWAYS ALWAYS loved planners, I can’t tell you how excited I am about this project! It felt like I was doing it for school actually: decide to do this project, research research research and then work work work to make sure you get that A! At least, in this […]

Social networking and guest blogging

Social networking and guest blogging!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to announce that we will be having our very first guest blogger soon! To think that I have the opportunity to feature another blogger on here even though CoffeeHeartMind has only been up and running for a couple of weeks has me beyond excited! Social networking is important, guys! I’ve been active on all of my social media accounts and the Facebook groups that’s accepted my […]

2017 Blogger Planner!

Planning for a better blog! I don’t know about you… but I *love* planners! It makes day-to-day so much easier when it’s organized! My days, weeks, months go by smoothly… especially when I don’t forget any appointments… Ha! So it made perfect sense that I would want a planner for blogging! Especially since this blog is my new baby! <3 I may only have had my blog up and running for two weeks now but […]

The Holidays Back Home

I have always wanted a big family.  Ever since I was a little girl, a big family was the way to go. I looked forward to every Saturday because it meant that I get to see all of my cousins on my mom’s side and Sunday meant going to Grandpa’s place for lunch. Three of my uncles and their families shared a large house; imagine being a kid and just spending the […]

Convincing My Anxious Brain To Start Blogging

I’ve been reading blogs for as long as I can remember – you may be thinking that that can’t be that long since with depression comes bad memory… but I promise you, I’ve been reading blogs for years. I’ve tried blogging as well but I guess the only platform that I’ve actually stuck with is Facebook. Mind you, I actually don’t share anything personal on Facebook. I mostly just “share” whatever posts […]

I’m tired of being tired…

Honestly, I’m tired all the time!!!! I mean I totally understand that I’m going to be tired when I barely sleep… but that’s not the case!!! The word tired doesn’t even do how I actually feel justice. I’d say that it’s more exhausted than anything. Maybe you understand what I’m talking about. Maybe you’ve done it too! I mean those 5 letters… that one word… is the easiest way to explain it. I know I’M totally guilty […]

Snow day

I love it when it snows – the bigger the flakes the better! Snow makes me happy and I love how you can still see at night because of all the snow! Of course I only like it when I’m inside looking out… all comfortable… in my pajamas…. while drinking coffee and only when the snow is fresh! Yeah… you got me. I super-really-majorly dislike being cold!! I wonder if we’re going […]

To my 8-year-old self

It may not seem like it now, but it will get better. Trust me. You just have to stay strong like I know you can. The children you’re going to be surrounded with in the next couple of years just don’t know. I know that it is difficult and that you will cry to yourself quietly during recess and lunch. I know that it is difficult to leave a place you grew up […]

We laid him down to sleep….

We named him Popcorn because every time he became scared, excited or mad puffs of fur would be seen flying! We got him from Petsmart 19 years ago! Yeah… I called him Old Man Cat (….don’t ask). It was just this year when we started noticing the changes: he was losing weight, not as energetic, he was sleeping more and more, and he started to have problems with this hind legs. We took […]