Why did I start this blog?

I wanted to be able to help someone realize that they are not alone by putting my life experiences out there for the whole online world to read. I’m hoping that through this blog I can reach people and tell them my story.


Why did I go with the name CoffeeHeartMind?

I write about what’s in my heart and what’s on my mind… sounds cheesy but it’s true! And my poison of choice is coffee! Especially FRENCH VANILLA!!


What will I write about?

About everyday things that are impacted by my illnesses. Things I can accomplish. Things I struggle with. I’ll have some tutorials, book/movie/show reviews and recipes. I’ll have some poems up for you, as well!

I wrote a post about the mental battles I had convincing my anxious brain to even start blogging. You can read that here.


What do I want for CoffeeHeartmind?

I want to be able to reach and connect with as many individuals.


What are my dreams for CoffeeHeartMind?

I would absolutely love for CoffeeHeartMind to grow into much more over the years. I would love love LOVE to share printables, arts + crafts tutorials, photography, buttons… you name it!


I’ll see you soon!