Full House Is Binge Watch Worthy

Full House bingewatchworthy


IMDB‘s little tidbit on Full House:

  • TV-G
  • Comedy, Drama, Family
  • 1987-1995

Watching Full House is so nostalgic! I’ve always loved watching the show! So – of course – I got super excited when it became available on NETFLIX!!!! I’ve been trying to get my son to watch it and guys… I finally succeeded!

I opened up with a “hey! I’ve always enjoyed watching that show! Want to see what it’s about?”  and my son agreed. I got so excited when he agreed! I wonder if he’s going to enjoy it as much as I originally did. So we got settled in our Lay-Z-Boys and the song came on…

Whatever happened to predictability. The milkman, the paperboy, evening tv?…”

 I asked him in the middle of the episode what he thought about it and he told me that its super cheesy. Ha! Yea, I guess I had that coming… watching a show that started in 1987 with a boy born in 2004 – but he said he’s enjoying it! I told him he can stop Full House and he can watch his cartoons but he told me that he wanted to keep watching Full House!!! YES! *happy dance*


*slowly points a Nerf gun up to the ceiling and fires!*

I love binge watching. Binge watching is being so interested in a program that you don’t mind spending hours and HOURS… days and DAYS… watching it. To get so connected to the characters and their lives – their TV lives… but still – I think it’s great! I actually caught myself just staring into the TV realizing that I’m going to watch these kids grow up super-duper-major-fast for the SECOND TIME! …you know what I mean?

It’s like I see little Michelle Tanner and I think of the Olsen twins, I see Stephanie Tanner and it reminds me that I need to get Jodie Sweetin’s book, and I see Candace Cameron Bure and it makes me want to watch Dancing with the Stars!

But then my mind gets distracted and goes into “wow… is this what time travellers feel? Getting to see Point A and Point B in seconds!” Or psychics… “wow… I see you, little child and I see what your future holds!!!”

IMDB: Full House


  • The show touches on real topics…. such as
    • The kids taking advantage of Jesse because he doesn’t know all the house rules yet
    • anxiety of the first time changing a baby’s dirty diaper
    • Stephanie’s worries about the first day of kindergarten
    • First time dating after separation
  • One of the episodes I was truly touched by was the Thanksgiving episode. The episode covers the struggles of celebrating a Holiday for the first time after losing a family member. Not only did it cover the children’s struggles, But Jesse’s as well.
  • When the show focused on the internal struggles that Jesse was feeling after realizing that he isn’t living the life he has always dreamt of. But it shows him realizing what truly mattered
  • The show covered how something materialistic can mean so much more to someone. When Danny comes home to find something ruined, Joey goes onto explain that it’s not just losing it that’s hurting Danny but that the memories that comes with it.


I think certain things are quite crazy, I don’t know… maybe it WAS  possible back then but unfortunately, I feel that it’s very unlikely now. What am I talking about? Here I list the following:

  • a few episodes into the season, you realize that Danny Tanner has JUST turned 30 and he’s got three kids, a home, and a successful career! Maybe it’s just me. But seriously, I’m about to turn 29 and I am way too broke. Who knows, right? Maybe if my health wasn’t so poor, I could have finished school, started my career and started saving for the future! *sigh*
  • Jesse Katsopolis is 24-years-old.  

Full House is totally binge watch worthy! We just finished Season 1! We didn’t even wait to start Season 2!

What are you binge watching lately?



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4 thoughts on “Full House Is Binge Watch Worthy

  • Norine

    I LOVE Full House! I watched it in the 80’s and now watch it with my 16 yo daughter when we can. She also loves it! She’s the one who got me to watch with her 😊 Unfortunately I generally don’t have the time to binge watch these days. When I can spend that time, it’s usually Football 🏈!

  • Chelle Post author

    I *love* Full House! Yea I just finished the second season last week. I want my son to watch Full House first then I can rematch Fuller House with him. We’re on the 7th season! YAAASSSS! <3

  • Zoey

    Omg, Full House was my life as a kid!
    I seriously still know everyone episode off by heart.
    So awesome that your kid gets to enjoy it now too 🙂
    Have you watched Fuller House?