Happy Monday!

You may know that I haven’t been feeling well the last couple of weeks. My body has been so achy and I’ve had nonstop headaches. Last week, I started my new medication and one of the side effects has me down for the count! I’ve been so lethargic and so sleepy that I spent majority of my birthday weekend in bed!

I really do need to remember this quote more often. I was starting to stress out with how behind I was on the blog. It really does feel like there’s not enough time to finish them all…

  • The emails I need to reply to
  • The interviews I need to schedule
  • #FeatureFridays I need to schedule
  • Posts I need to write
  • Images I need to create

But then something happened – I don’t remember when – but all of a sudden it hit me: noone else knows that I’m behind on the blog. I’m putting that unnecessary pressure on myself! I’ve got a lot of things going on with the blog and I just need to slow down a little. So that’s something I’m working on this week: slowing down. I’ve got three doctors appointments this week and my goals are small:

  • Use Hootsuite to schedule posts for the group
  • Complete one post (not including this one)
  • Promote my #FeatureFriday
  • Schedule 2 interviews

At least this way, my goals are more achievable considering the state that I’ve been in. Using Hootsuite to schedule posts will take quite a bit off my shoulders this week. I just need to create an image to promote my #FeatureFriday and post in on Instagram – so that should be easy. I’m almost done the post I want to complete because I’ve been chipping away at it over the weekend when I wasn’t asleep. The interviews are the ones that’s going to take sometime. Should be no problem though.


Happy Monday

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