Meet Caitlin of Mamma Bear!

My Name: Caitlin Aagard-Thompson
Meet Caitlin
A Little Bit About Me:

I’m a stay-at-home mom, writer, freelance editor, artist, and photographer. I’m passionately opinionated, and tough as nails. I have 3 kids that mean the world to me.

People asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I always told them, “a famous artist and author, and a mommy.” In that order.


What I Do Outside of Blogging:
I spend all day, everyday, with my kids and my husband. I write my book and paint or draw my pictures.


What I Like to do on My Down Time:
When I get some —which is next to never— I go to my favorite place in the world, and get all my leisurely activities done. Those include getting my works in progress, finished without interruption, and filling up my planner. I actually enjoy working, so my down time is usually just things I can’t finish with the interruptions at home.


My Blogging Niche: Parenting, cooking, camping, survival, preparedness, marriage, art, DIY… a few others I can’t think of right now. I suppose that falls under the lifestyle niche.


The Purpose of My Blog:


My Target: Parents, married people, campers, and enthusiasts.


The Best Way for My Audience to Contact Me: Email me: Or, there is a “contact me” page on my site!


How I Would Describe My Blogging Style: Lifestyle and informational


When I Started My Blog: January 11th, 2017


My Inspiration to Start Blogging: To be honest, it was seeing the money that could be made in a blog, so I started, hoping to get a little extra income. I also enjoy sharing my thoughts.


The Biggest Change in My Life, Since I Started Blogging: Nothing yet, unless you count having more to do in my schedule. I’m getting there however slowly.


Blogging Goals:
  • Short Term: To get a little extra income, to help out with finances. Reaching people who like what I’m writing.
  • Long Term: Possibly to write a few different blogs, have more time with my family, and not have to worry about money.


If I Were to Start Over: I wouldn’t have spent so much on a blogging course I really didn’t need. There are free blogging tips in a lot of places, that you don’t have to pay for. Maybe I’ll make a free one someday.


Attributes for Success: Persistence! I could say a lot about this, but I think persistence covers it pretty well.


Ways I’ve Used to Increase My Traffic, and What’s Most Successful for Me: Social media. I haven’t tried promotion in any other way, than word of mouth, and posting on my social media pages. Facebook and the groups therein, have been the most successful in drawing traffic to my site.


My Favorite Blogging Group, on Facebook: The ones I can post to without any rules for when, where, and how. Haha. But to be perfectly honest, I like the blogging group for Successful Startup (a group for people enrolled in the Successful Startup course), and Blog Biz & Entrepreneur Tips.


Freebie for My Readers: The freebie I have set up right now, is a list of things to do with your little children. I’ve seen a lot of things to do with toddlers, and a lot of things to do with children, but nothing to do with the kids in between the two stages. I’ll have more later, I’m just starting out right now though.


My Greatest Win So Far: Probably just getting as far as I have. I’ve had a blog before, and I never got this far. Looking at my site, all set up is pretty awesome!
The Biggest Lesson I’ve Learned So Far: That blogging is a lot more work than I originally thought. It’s a lot more than just writing what comes to you. I also learned that in the work-at-home land, you have to lose money before you can make some.


How Often I Publish a Post: I started with every five days, but I have had a couple that broke that rule. I’m still figuring this part out, but I’m trying for the 5,10,15… rule. Posting every fifth day of the month. It won’t be exactly 5 days in between posts, all the time, but it’s an easy rule for me to remember. After I’m all set up, I’ll be posting a lot more often. Maybe a few times a week.


Dealing With Writers Block: I haven’t dealt with this issue at all so far, except for when I needed ideas for my newsletter. Then I just asked people around me what I should put in a newsletter, until I got what I needed. There are a few resources I’ve realized I had for writing content for my specific niche, so it’ll be a while before that list runs dry. So I’d suggest keeping a list of all your ideas, and write one of them out for a day when you need to make a post.


Blogging Schedule: The only thing close to a schedule that I have marked up, so far, looks a little bit like this :
  • Monday – Email
  • Tuesday – Posts
  • Wednesday – Social Media Promotion
  • Thursday – Newsletter
  • Friday – Social Media Promotion
  • Saturday – Post Research
  • Sunday – All or Nothing (either I can do everything, or I can take a day off if I want to).
All of my work is either done from my iPad, while I’m feeding a baby, or after all the kids go to bed, which usually means I’m up really late.


Guest Posting: Yes! I want to do this someday. I’ve never had a guest poster, and I’ve never guest posted, but I’m totally open to the possibility, if the opportunity presents itself.


Money From Blogging: I honestly haven’t made any yet. I’ve been working on that bit though. Hopefully before the month is out, I’ll be prepared to make that jump.


My Favorite Bloggers:


Blogs I Enjoy Reading: Art blogs, and parenting blogs.


My Advice for People Who Want to Blog: Stay true to yourself. I see a lot of people get started, and then quit because they feel fake, or they’re not all that into what they’re writing about. Readers can tell when you’re not serious about what you’re writing (that goes for books and blogs).
Be prepared to give before you can get. I wasn’t prepared for the money that went into this blogging thing, I also wasn’t prepared for the amount of work that went into it.


One Thing My Readers Don’t Know About Me:
One of my least favorite animals, are cats. I know, how dare I? It’s the truth though, so hopefully I don’t lose too many followers because I don’t talk about them with fondness (I can’t actually think I have any reason to talk about cats at all, thank goodness).
My favorite animal is a grizzly bear. Not a popular first choice, but they are pretty awesome animals, and I’ve been told that a grizzly bear is my spirit animal (not by one of those silly Facebook quizzes, and not just because I decided they are, I liked wolves at the time, so I would have preferred a wolf be my spirit animal).


In Closing, a Message to My Readers: 
Yes, I have lists of things I could write about, art wise, but I genuinely want to hear from my readers, to find out what they want to learn about, or hear from me. I’d love to have more interactions with my readers, it’s important to me. You know how to reach me.

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