Meet Marcie

Your name: Marcie Kenny

Name of your blog: Marciescaringhands

Blog URL:


Meet Marcie

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am a retired from working in the childcare field. When I am not blogging I am taking art classes at the local senior center, reading, taking long walks, photograph and going to the movies.

What’s the purpose of your blog? The purpose of my blog is to be a parent resource sharing guest posts, interviews, projects and books I have read. My target audience is Parents of young children.

What’s the best way to contact you? The best way to reach me is to leave me a message on my contact page on my blog.

How would you describe your blogging style? I am not sure what my blog style is but I think it is pretty laid back. I say laid back because I seem to go with the flow I find what parents went to see and hear and go from their feedback on what I am doing on the blog.

When did you start blogging? I started blogging around 2009.


What inspired you to start blogging? What inspired me to start blogging was my love of writing and wanted to share with parents helpful hints when looking for things to do with their children.

What’s the biggest change in your life since you started blogging? The biggest change for me in my life is how busy it gets trying to find what works and what dosn.t in bringing traffic.

Blogging goals:

  • Short term: is get people interested
  • Long term: is to make money from my blog as traffic.

If you could start blogging all over again, what would you do differently? I would reach out more networking more than I do now.

How do you motivate yourself to continue blogging? My motivation comes from always looking to ways to make the blog stand out more.

What attributes has helped you become successful blogger Being open to trying new things to get people interested in my work.

How have you tried to increase your blog traffic? Which way has been the most successful? The best the best thing I did to increase traffic was getting people to interview on my site.

What’s your favorite social media platform and why? LinkedIn is my favourite because I find a lot networking there which has helped me grow.

Most of your traffic comes from which social media platform Most of my traffic comes from Facebook

What’s your favorite blogging group on Facebook? Blogging with Becky and Paula there is a lot of hints here.


What’s your greatest win so far with blogging? The greatest win for me is watching my blog grow.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve so far with blogging? Never give up!

Has blogging surprised you in any way? If so, how? Yes blogging has surprised me. What surprised me is how much I have learned since I started.

How often do you publish a post? I try to publish monthly posts.

Have you had writer’s block? If so, how did you overcome it? Yes I have had writers block, to overcome the block I take a break and go for a long walk.

When I come back I am ready to work!

Do you have a blogging schedule? Daily theme? Please share! No schedule and no daily theme for me. I search the internet and find my themes and try to get one post out a month out there sometimes I get two.

Do you accept guest posts? If yes, tell us about it!

I do accept free guest posts. I have pitched the idea for guest posts on LinkedIn and some people.


Who’s your favorite blogger before you started blogging and why? (Name and blog URL)

Emily French you ask me why because I love her art.

Who’s your favorite blogger now and why? (Name and blog URL)

My favorite blogger is Create With Joy because she has an interesting blog.

List the top 5 blogs you are reading currently: (Names and blog URLs)

  1. Blogging with Becky and Paula
  2. Create with Joy
  3. Boast Your Blog
  4. Totally Profesh
  5. Girl Boss Bloggers


Give advice to someone who wants to start blogging: Never give up. Do a lot of networking and be open to trying new things. Explore to see what works and doesn’t work.

Tell us one thing your readers don’t know about you: This will be the second feature for me!

Anything else you’d like to share with us? Go for it!!! Also blog at here I work on the arts from painting to photography if you get a change check it out

Leave a message for your readers: I would love to help any newbies out their trying to blog for the first time.

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