16 Movies to watch out for in 2017!

A brand new year means another set of movies to look forward to!

I am beyond excited about all the movies coming out this year! I’m not even the biggest movie goer but oh man, I am definitely going to try and watch these movies on the BIG SCREEN!! Hello, cheapie Tuesdays!  I try not to go to the movies often – it’s too expensive for me to watch all the time: 3 tickets + popcorn + drinks – I can usually wait until they’re at the cheapy theaters or on DVD or Blu-ray. Don’t get me wrong – I love movies! I just don’t like having the back of my chair kicked, or having to see people’s shadows  because they keep getting up… or cell phone light! *pet peeve*

Anyway, I’ve got the list according to the release dates!


16 movies to watch out for in 2017


Lego Batman Movie


I grew up with Lego, so I think that it’s just in my blood to love to watch Lego movies. I really enjoyed The Lego Movie when it came out in 2014 – it was funny. So I am hoping that this one is the same. It’s got a good voice cast, so there’s hope!









 Logan 2017LOGAN | 3.3.17

…because Wolverine. Need I say more? Just kidding! I’m a big fan of Wolverine! Did you know that Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine 8 times in 17 years!?! Amazing!

This movie feels like it’s going to be such a completely different feel than the rest of the series. In this trailer, a much older Professor Xavier and Wolverine are protecting a girl that is just like Wolverine. In fact, she is Logan’s clone. Watching this trailer makes me have so many questions! What happened to the X-men? Why doesn’t Professor Xavier have his wheelchair?  Who is Nathaniel Essex?! I know that he was briefly seen in X-men: Apocalypse.

Bummer fact! If you haven’t heard already – this will be the last film where Jackman will portray Logan. I guess this is the perfect film to make your exit. I just hope that it’s not because Logan dies in this movie.




KongKONG: SKULL ISLAND | 3.10.17

This movie just looks awesome!  It’s got a good cast too: Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, John C. Reilly.

This trailer starts off at an army basecamp of some sort. Scientists seem to need to go to Skull Island but they can only do it with the Army’s help. So – of course – what does the army do? They drop bombs to “map the surface of island”. I found it funny that in the scene where bombs are exploding on the island is scene as a reflection in the pilot’s glasses. Plus, the pilot’s facial expression just made it for me; it said: “Yeeeaa!! I’m blowing sh*t up!” I’m not going to lie, I’d probably have the same facial expression.

They’ve got some awesomely bad scenes, too! That scene of an angry Kong within fire, and the ginormous paw print on the side of the mountain were awesome! Funny scenes here as well, the confrontation scene between the researchers and the island natives were interrupted by John C. Reilly’s entrance!

But I am so intrigued… the trailer showed other large creatures. You know with other King Kong movies it’s an island with a lone giant King Kong. In this movie, he’s not the only giant!



beauty and the beast 2017BEAUTY AND THE BEAST | 3.17.17

One of my FAVOURITE DISNEY FILMS and Emma Watson! C’mon! I’ve been super excited about this movie since it was first announced.

So far it’s got the same feel as the movie itself. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! I’m excited bout the characters, they seem like they’re going to be just as funny as in the original. I’m excited about Gaston – is he going to be just as arrogant, self-absorbed, and egotistical? I’m excited about all about the supporting cast! I mean who doesn’t love Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts?

I am really hoping that they have all of the original songs in here.





smurfs2017SMURFS: THE LOST VILLAGE | 4.7.17

I really do hope that this Smurfs movie just takes place with Smurfs. You know, they stay in their forest – not getting lost in the middle of NYC or something like that.










 guardians of the galaxy 2GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 | 5.5.17

I love Guardians of the Galaxy! I love the soundtrack, too!  (omg… this reminds me I still need to get that soundtrack!)! So I am totally excited for the second volume!

The enemy just looks like an angry octopus or something…

The greatest thing in this trailer is Rocket telling Baby Groot to not press the button because it will set of the bomb and kill everyone! Oh my goodness, Baby Groot is adorable! When Rocket asks Groot to explain back to him what he just said and of course Groot is gets it all wrong. I’m just sitting here in front of my laptop laughing.

When Drax went crazy on the enemy was pretty funny. Same goes for the scene where Rocket is asking Star-Lord for tape to fix something with the bomb…. I’m curious as to what he’s going to do with the tape.

It’s action, comedy, great music and BABY GROOT!



alien covenant


Anyone else here an Alien franchise fan? Mind you, just like with everything… the first film is usually the best one! But since I liked the originals so much, of course I am going to give this one a try! It’s the sequel to Prometheus. Apparently, the Covenant is supposed to link Prometheus to the original Alien released in 1979.










I have always been a big fan of Johnny Depp. I just love that he BECOMES so many of his characters, you know what I mean?

Captain Salazar is going to be one funny antagonist.








wonder woman


Finally, female superheroes are now getting a turn!  I love superhero movies that explain the superhero’s background.

Diana, princess of the Amazons. I loved the view she had before diving into the ocean. I wonder who the guy is that she’s always with. I wonder if they’re going to explain how she got her cuffs..

I don’t know about you, but I love it when films have slow motion fight scenes. I think they just make the scene more epic.






 the mummyTHE MUMMY | 6.9.17

When I first saw this title, I got super excited. BIG Mummy fan here. So I thought that this would be another instalment – Mummy 4! But this is NOT the same Mummy series, guys! I was so caught off guard by this but this is a Tom Cruise movie – made me go ‘what the heck is going on here..’ – but after actually watching the trailer…. especially when the actual mummy came out, I’m kind of excited.







despicable me 3

DESPICABLE ME 3 | 6.30.17

Yes, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine. Mr J actually asked me once why I like the minions so much. He asked me this one time while I was taking a break from studying for finals because I had spent my study break by watching the minions. My answer: the minions are the only thing in my life that is not supposed to make sense! Sometimes you need that!








 spiderman homecomingSPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING | 7.7.17

Seriously, Tom Holland is the PERFECT Spiderman! I think he just embodies it. You know, when I think of Spiderman, I’ve always thought of a silly, goofy, funny teenager. The other Peter Parkers have been too “serious” and never gave me that teenager feel. When I first saw Tom Holland as Spiderman in Captain America: Civil War… wow! I was in awe! With all the teenager personality and comebacks, I think it was perfect! Of course I know that is totally the writers.. but still! Tom’s got the Spiderman look.

This trailer had me laughing almost immediately! Especially during the scene where he interrupts the robbery. The robbers’ disguise are Avengers masks, so each of them is a different superhero. I love that Tony Stark explains that in order for Peter Parker to become an Avenger he must make sure to not do something Tony wouldn’t do AND to not do something Tony would do. Oy! Small percentage of freedom!







Okay. This trailer… SUCKS! I don’t even know what to call this – “trailer” just doesn’t seem right. I mean, it’s just a bunch of movie clips of the first Kingsman movie. Trailer fail much?

In all honesty, watching this “trailer” makes me want to watch the first movie. It doesn’t at all make me excited for The Golden Circle.

I’ve just put this movie on this list because I really enjoyed Kingsman: The Secret Service. I have hopes for this instalment. I’m hoping the fight scenes here are just as awesome!






thorTHOR: RAGNAROK | 11.3.17

Oh man, I think “Thor 3: Ragnarok – Vacation Teaser Trailer is the funniest trailer! Thor is on vacation so he moved back to Australia. He’s living in a flat with Darrell. Thor visits Darrell at work and has him write an email to Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. From the sounds of it, this movie is taking place during Captain America: Civil War.








Justice LeagueJUSTICE LEAGUE | 11.17.17

Excited. The trailer made for ComicCon was funny. I’m excited about Aquaman (Game of Thrones, anyone?) and the Flash.

I am so excited about Jason Momoa being in this film. I loved him in Game of Thrones. I don’t know much about Aquaman but I’m sure he’ll be bad*ss because it’s Jason Momoa.

The way they introduced Barry Allen made me laugh too. I had a smile on my face during the entire Flash scene. I like how after Bruce introduced himself, Barry was like “you say that as if that’s supposed to explain why someone is sitting in the dark in my second favourite chair…” I loved Barry’s response to when Bruce called him fast: “that seems like an over simplification.” Also when Bruce is all serious about explaining how he’s building a team and Barry just cuts him off and says he’s in. I don’t eve know who plays Barry. I don’t think I’ve seen him anywhere.

Oh, also, I don’t know who one other guy is and I’m super curious to find out.



COCO | 11.22.17

Pixar’s new movie. I’ve seen a clip of this before, and it is beyond adorable.











So there you have it! SIXTEEN MOVIES TO WATCH OUT FOR IN 2017! Is there a movie I missed that you’re excited about? Let me know in the comments!


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9 thoughts on “16 Movies to watch out for in 2017!

  • Chelle Post author

    Lots of superhero movies to watch with my boys this year for sure! Who doesn’t like an awesome superhero movie!? I have a thing with movie reviews as well! Thank you for the comment! <3<3 I'll be sure to check your blog when I wake up!

  • Alisha

    I’m super excited for the movie releases this year! Superhero movies = LIFE to me! =) Thanks for sharing and thank you for the small commentaries. I love to read other people’s opinions of the trailers and movie reviews; not quite sure why…but I do. I’m definitely writing these dates down.

  • jolinor

    I was more than happy to find this net-site.I wished to thanks for your time for this glorious learn!! I definitely enjoying each little bit of it and I’ve you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff you blog post.

  • Katisha

    Lego Batman!!, Guardians of the Galaxy!!, Wonder Woman!!, Spiderman!!, Thor!!, Justice League!! 2017 is definitely the year of the super hero, and I’m so freaking excited!!!

  • Anna

    I’m pretty certain that I want to see all those films as well (except the Smurf film). Top three must see from your list include Beauty and the Beast, Logan, and Alien: Covenant.

  • Chelle Post author

    neither can i *coughfastandthefurious* but they can keep going with pirates and I’ll continue watching! <3

  • C. Poly (@CPoly69)

    I cannot get over my excitement for the new beauty and the beast and the new pirates. Usually when they remake a classic or keep going with something that already ahs 5 movies, I’m over it, but I cannot wait for these two!