5 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

Plugins are a MUST HAVE for your WordPress blog! They allow you to further customize your blog to your liking and make it more “user friendly”.  They can help make your blog more appealing and more functional.

…But there are SO MANY out there to choose from! How do you know which one to install? The following list are the plugins that I think every blogger must add to their blog without delay!



AddToAny – you want your posts to be shared! This is the plug in that I use as it gives you 108 social media buttons! It gives you full control with which social media platforms you want your blog to be shared on. You can choose to make certain social media links visible (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc.) and have the rest as a “more” button – or just have certain social links visible.


Google Analytics – This plugin allows you to connect your blog to your Google Analytics account so that it can track how your blog is doing.


Simple Follow Me Social buttons – I love this plugin! This great plugin allows you to customize your “follow me” buttons for your blog. Not only can you customize the shape and size of the buttons, but it allows you to change the colors of the buttons so that it matches your blog! It gives you SIXTY-EIGHT social media buttons so that your audience can follow you.

Simplefollowme 1Simplefollowme 2Simplefollowme 3

SumoMe – A great plugin with a focus on helping you get more subscribers! It allows you to have different types of sign up forms and you can customize each of them however you like. Ever since I installed SumoMe, I saw a great increase in my subscribers!

SumoMe screenshot

Yoast SEO – I’m sure you have heard about SEO – it stands for Search Engine Optimizer. Yoast allows you to easily optimize your blog so that search engines like Google can easily find your blog. Google finding your blog = more subscribers!

Yoast checklist


So those are my FIVE must have plugins for your WordPress blog! What are YOUR must haves?



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