Organizing Your Blogging Schedule With Daily Blog Themes

I wanted a better blogging schedule. I have days when I can not think of a single thing to write about and I have days when I have an avalanche of ideas. But finding the time to write all of those posts… It’s tough – life gets busy sometimes.

Do you want a more organized posting schedule? I know I did!


Do you:

  • have a lot of topics to cover?
  • have so many blog post ideas but don’t know when to post it?
  • have a blogging schedule that seems inconsistent?
  • find yourself blogging for a few days in a row and then not post anything for days after?
  • feel flustered because you have so many ideas and feel like there’s no time?

So did I.

I got the idea for Daily Blog Themes from being in a bunch of Facebook blog groups. Each group had a “Daily Theme” and I thought that it was brilliant! They would promote different social media platforms on different days, would have specific days for questions and would have “Collaboration Wednesdays”. I liked the idea of having themed days but of course their themed days are not suited for the blog itself. So I searched…

I searched on Pinterest and Google multiple times, searching multiple ways in hopes that it would show me a blog that would show me the PERFECT daily themes. I wanted a daily schedule that would tell me that “Topic A” would be posted on Mondays, “Topic B” would be posted on Tuesdays and so on and so forth.

…and Google delivered. (Yay for Google Win)

Lisa from The Golden Spoons wrote the PERFECT POST! You can read her post on daily blog post themes here.

Here’s a little taste of her post…

Tuesday Ten – Come link up with our Tuesday Ten (we give you the topic) or come up with your own list
Tasty Tuesday – Share a recipe.
How to Tuesday – Do you DIY??  Are you tech savvy??  Write a “how-to” post to help others!
Twitter Tuesday – Keep track of your favorite tweets and share them on Tuesdays.
Toddler Tuesday or Tween/Teen Tuesday – Write about toddler antics or issues (i.e. potty training) or share advice on parenting tweens/teens.
Tuesday Tunes – Share a music related post.
Truthful Tuesday – Begin every Tuesday post with “The truth is . . . ” or play “two truths and one lie.”


Wordless Wednesday – This one has been around for a long time.  Just share a picture – no words necessary!
Wishful Wednesday – Start every post on this day with “I wish . . . “
Works for me Wednesday – Share a tip, a product, a parenting strategy – anything that works for you and might work for others!
Whatever Wednesday – Write about whatever is on your mind.
Wednesday Weigh-in – Write a post “weighing in” on a current event or hot topic.  Could also be a fitness post or a weight management post.
The Wednesday Word – Choose a single word as your theme and write whatever that word inspires.

It was exactly what I was looking for! She gives you so many ideas for each day and then some! Ever since I found her list, I have not been flustered. I can have a day like today where I get an avalanche of ideas and that would mean that I have a post a week for the next month! BOOM!


So if you’re feeling a bit flustered about post scheduling, I definitely recommend reading her post!

Today’s avalanche included a couple of “How To” posts, and this post that I’m sharing with you today.

Have YOU found a blogging schedule you’d love to share? Let me know in the comments!




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2 thoughts on “Organizing Your Blogging Schedule With Daily Blog Themes

  • Chelle Post author

    Chloe, that sounds like an idea! I have an idea list as well but I haven’t actually used it. I may have a daily blog theme… but I don’t write a post for each of them every week. It’s just there so that if anyone is interested in a particular theme, they know to drop by that certain day. For example, I have my #FeatureFridays – but if I don’t have anyone guest posting for me that week then nothing gets published. The same goes for the rest of the themes. Just a thought, because I think themes are amazing! If you schedule your 5 main categories one day per week and one day happens when you are able to write out 3 posts for a category in a single day then that means you’re good for 3 weeks! That’s happened to me before and it is such an AWESOME feeling to know that I’ve got some down time to focus on something else for the blog. 🙂

  • Chloe

    I was thinking about doing something similar for my blog. I have 5 main categories so I figured I could just do a post for each category each day of the week. Then I decided 5 posts a week was way too many for me. So I’ve just been going through my insane idea list and writing what seems do-able. I figure as long as I can push out a post every couple days I’m better off than I was before.