The Holidays Back Home

I have always wanted a big family.  Ever since I was a little girl, a big family was the way to go. I looked forward to every Saturday because it meant that I get to see all of my cousins on my mom’s side and Sunday meant going to Grandpa’s place for lunch. Three of my uncles and their families shared a large house; imagine being a kid and just spending the day playing with all of your cousins… All 10 of them… Every Saturday. It was pretty fun!

The holidays were even more amazing! Grandparents, great uncles and great aunts (and their children and grandchildren), uncles and aunts with all of your cousins celebrating together! Now picture this: a large tree fully decorated, amazing food that never seemed to stop coming, Christmas music playing, people talking with kids laughing and fireworks just outside your house.

Ever since my family moved here to Canada, we’ve only had small celebrations. We got used to it, I guess. We have no other family here and even if eventually over the years we found family friends to celebrate with… we still celebrated on our own. It was just the four of us (my parents, my brother and I) for a long time. Even when we did get close to a family… they would spend the holidays with their family.

When I had my little monkey, I felt like a schedule juggler during the holidays. His dad’s immediate family is bigger and their family is here as well. They had the tradition of having an adult only Christmas and a day where all the kids and grandkids would be around. It seemed hectic and I became jealous.

Spending the holidays in the Philippines is completely different in my eyes. I miss the holidays there.


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