To My 16-Year-Old Self

We learned a lot this year. And I mean *A LOT*. Thinking about it now, that was a lot for a 16-year-old to handle. Good on you! If I were to compare ourselves and the events occurred between our 16-year-old self and our 27-year-old self… I’m pretty sure we could write a book.

How did 2004 start? We were still choreographing. I believe we just finished a competition just before Christmas and now we are preparing a routine for the pep rally.

So in March was your one year anniversary with T. It’s not the classiest thing at 16, but that’s when you conceived your greatest joy in life. You knew before you even missed your period. You just knew. Something was different but we wanted to see if we actually missed our period. Then we wanted to see if it was late. But then two weeks passed and we finally went to a clinic. NEWS FLASH! we were pregnant – six weeks in.

We slept lots. I remember that. We were always tired, no matter what we did. We slept at night, slept in school, slept after school and did it all over again for a month or so.

So our school had to know. Every teacher you will have and have ever had will know. Safety first!

There was a lot of appointments. Of course, there was – we were pregnant. We had to make sure the little guy was okay since we didn’t get proper care for him for the two months.

We got into our school’s Science Co-op. Good on us! Biology, chemistry, math and something else I keep forgetting. There’s four classes in the co-op but we only had to take 3 and I don’t know why. But man, what your class saw was kind of intense wasn’t it? Seen you through your mood swings, anger flare-ups (I remember – we threw a chair across the room), seen you jump when the little guy kicked too hard on your ribs. We had to be in constant communication with our teacher, Mr. Gill. He let us leave the class whenever we needed to (his wife was pregnant as well so he knew all the bathroom breaks). But we had to make plans for exams. And what do you know…

Little man came into the world during our winter break.

What did we learn that year? We learned not to depend on anyone. We learned how quick your “friends” will leave you when the going gets tough. We had to grow up fast. All those “friends” you had, some left the moment they found out that you were pregnant. Those that were “excited” about the baby, left once he actually got here. That’s okay, though. It was tough, yes. But it’s better to find out who your real friends are early on.

Heavy year for sure!


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