To My 20-Year-Old Self

We’ve been through a lot, don’t you agree? We’ve had to grow up so fast. It’s actually quite tiring thinking about it. We thought that once we were in our twenties it would get better. We have always dreamt marrying our one and only when were 27. Hope that we have a career by then. Hope that we have money in our bank account.

Spoiler alert! – it doesn’t go the way we always dreamt.

But I want to tell you something – I am proud of you. I know there will be times when you need to hear this. But it’s true. We’ve overcome so much already. You’re strong, remember that. Life is difficult. We have a very bumpy road ahead.

Just because our dreams didn’t go according to our timeline, doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. Keep your chin up. Faith decided to play Twister with our timeline.

Life is an adventure.


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