To My 37-Year-Old Self

There are a lot of things I wish for you. There are a lot more things I am curious about. Here are a few…
+ I hope you’re happy now. Truly happy. Inside and out.
+ I hope your health is better
+ I hope you are no longer in pain
+ I hope you are no longer battling this psoriasiform dermatitis
+ Do you still get migraines?
+ Do we have a house of our own? In our name? Is it like what we dreamed? Is it better?
+ Are you still living in Surrey? Are you still in British Columbia?
+ Did you ever get your license? If not, it’s no surprise. It was never important for us.
+ Do we have a job we accept? Do we have a career we love?
+ Do we have $1000 in our account? Do we have $3000? $5000?
+ Have we paid off our debts? Student loans? Credit cards?
+ Do we have good credit?
+ I hope we are still with J.
+ Are we married now?
+ Do we have a larger family?
+ Is R doing well in school? He must be in college by now.
+ Is ma well?
+ Have we done something nice for ma like we always wanted?
+ Did we ever go back to school?
+ Are we still writing?
+ Are we better at cooking?

-C // 27-year-old you

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