We laid him down to sleep….

We named him Popcorn because every time he became scared, excited or mad puffs of fur would be seen flying! We got him from Petsmart 19 years ago! Yeah… I called him Old Man Cat (….don’t ask).

It was just this year when we started noticing the changes: he was losing weight, not as energetic, he was sleeping more and more, and he started to have problems with this hind legs. We took him to the vet when he started to lose weight and have a hard time walking. The vet suggested we try to feed him bisque and maybe he’ll gain a little bit of weight. But because he is a senior cat his organs are starting to shut down. The vet also gave him a shot so that he can walk and it was great for a couple of months! Then he needed another shot…

Mom didn’t want to put him down yet… I think she wanted a last Christmas with him. Popcorn was still able to walk, he wasn’t crying in pain, he was eating his bisque and drinking lots of water.

Five days ago… he started meowing in pain. He wasn’t eating anymore and wasn’t drinking (he kept trying to eat and drink but for some reason he couldnt). So my mom and I took him to the vet. It was upsetting for sure… more for my mom and R.

At least he is no longer in pain. He gets to spend Christmas with my Papa.

Goodnight, Popcorn…


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