When The Tables Turn and It’s Not You Feeling Unwell (Part 3)

If you haven’t done so, I suggest reading the earlier parts to this series.


When the tables turn and it's not you feeling unwell (Part 3) @ CoffeeHeartMind


When the tables turn and it’s not you feeling unwell: The Outcome

The moment of truth…

The nurse came back and said that his test results came back great and that he’s allowed to leave!! YESSSSS!!! I immediately called a cab to take us home. His mom was going to come over but Mr thought it would be best to do visits another day as he’s probably just going to crash the moment we got home.

I was SUPER grateful that I get to bring my Mr home, but that doesn’t stop the questions I have in my head:

  • how long we would’ve waited at the ER if I hadn’t asked her for the results
  • isn’t it supposed to be the doctor giving us the results
  • being a busy hospital, wouldn’t they want to free up a bed as soon as possible

I mean, sure, maybe the results came back just as I had gone to ask her the second time. I’m not trying to be difficult, these are honest questions I have. 

We got home around 2pm (I’m glad that we got home before school was out), I suggested that he take a nice hot shower to relax him before he jumps into bed. He’s still very weak. The blood transfusion got his blood level to around 80, which is still low, but they said that it’s a safe level to send him home with. What do you know? After the shower, my Mr fell right to sleep. Like OUT. I can only imagine how exhausted he was. He was asleep from 2:30pm until 1am.


Iron deficiency anemia. It makes me feel incredibly angry at myself now knowing that that’s what it was. I mean, I’ve studied anemia before. I SHOULD’VE known! All the signs and symptoms were there! I know I shouldn’t beat myself up for it. Like I said in the previous post, we never assume the worst.

Life changes

With new diagnosis, comes new responsibilities and life changes. With Iron Deficiency Anemia, I need to change up his diet to include more iron-rich foods, so once he was asleep I looked it up. It wasn’t a big change. I learned that I bought iron-rich foods anyway – it just has to be more constant now. It made me happy to see that foods we like to eat are iron-rich. I wanted to go to the store to get some iron-rich food for the next couple of days, knowing that my Mr. will most likely be taking it easy (which I am grateful for). I also wanted to get him Metamucil, and iron tablets. Also, to fill his prescription. I didn’t want to change his diet too much right away, so I made a list of things that we didn’t have at home but know he likes to eat anyway:

  • broccoli
  • spinach
  • green beans
  • asparagus

He was understandably pretty weak still for the rest of the week. He didn’t go to work and we just took it super easy. He slept lots.

It’s been a little over three weeks since we went to the emergency room.

I’m so happy my Mr seems to be doing LOADS better!!!! I monitor his blood pressure. It’s a good thing I own a sphygmomanometer (blood pressure cuff) and stethoscope. He gets light headed still – but rarely. He wanted to start working out the week he got out of the hospital but I told him that he should hold off on it. It’s not really a good idea especially if he’s still getting exhausted with the little things. He agreed – so yay!

He’s been really good with taking his vitamins and prescription meds. Done incredibly well with not drinking. He’s had more energy during the day because he hasn’t been drinking. The two days and one night at the hospital really messed with his sleep schedule though. It’s slowly getting there but he does tend to wake up just a little after noon and stay awake. I joke around saying that it’s his body telling him that 10 years of graveyard is enough and he should switch to day time shift.

There was one incident though. One day, he got super exhausted in the shower. He couldn’t even dry himself. He walked into the bedroom and just fell onto the bed! I had to dry him up. I was so worried that I started crying. I told him that I need to get him back to the hospital right away! He was begging me to wait… to just let him rest for a little bit. So I took his blood pressure as he was laying down. It was super low again! It was around 90/40. He begged me to just wait it out and to get him his guava juice. He drank that juice so quickly, it was as if he hadn’t had anything to drink in days! He told me that having the juice made him feel instantly better. After an hour, I took his blood pressure again and it was normal. Phew!

That incident scared me so much!!! But I’m glad that it hasn’t happened again. Thank God!  This whole incident has made him more health conscious which is great!


The past few weeks have been super heavy to say the least! It’s been quite an experience being on the other side…. to be the one that feels “okay”. Is that how they feel every time I’m in the hospital? Whenever I’ve been admitted? Whenever I feel bad? Is that the same worry and fear?  I had so much strength and will power… to fight through my pain to take care of him. I’ve had to increase my dosage again during this time, so I’ve been dealing with the side effects of that.

That’s what love does though, right? It gives us strength. 





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