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My 2017 blogger planner

My 2017 Blogger Planner!

Oh mai goodness! It’s here, guys! It’s finally here – you know… from the printers! I am holding my very own 2017 Blogger Planner!! As someone who’s always ALWAYS ALWAYS loved planners, I can’t tell you how excited I am about this project! It felt like I was doing it for school actually: decide to do this project, research research research and then work work work to make sure you get that A! At least, in this […]

Social networking and guest blogging

Social networking and guest blogging!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to announce that we will be having our very first guest blogger soon! To think that I have the opportunity to feature another blogger on here even though CoffeeHeartMind has only been up and running for a couple of weeks has me beyond excited! Social networking is important, guys! I’ve been active on all of my social media accounts and the Facebook groups that’s accepted my […]

2017 Blogger Planner!

Planning for a better blog! I don’t know about you… but I *love* planners! It makes day-to-day so much easier when it’s organized! My days, weeks, months go by smoothly… especially when I don’t forget any appointments… Ha! So it made perfect sense that I would want a planner for blogging! Especially since this blog is my new baby! <3 I may only have had my blog up and running for two weeks now but […]

The Holidays Back Home

I have always wanted a big family.  Ever since I was a little girl, a big family was the way to go. I looked forward to every Saturday because it meant that I get to see all of my cousins on my mom’s side and Sunday meant going to Grandpa’s place for lunch. Three of my uncles and their families shared a large house; imagine being a kid and just spending the […]

Convincing My Anxious Brain To Start Blogging

I’ve been reading blogs for as long as I can remember – you may be thinking that that can’t be that long since with depression comes bad memory… but I promise you, I’ve been reading blogs for years. I’ve tried blogging as well but I guess the only platform that I’ve actually stuck with is Facebook. Mind you, I actually don’t share anything personal on Facebook. I mostly just “share” whatever posts […]

I’m tired of being tired…

Honestly, I’m tired all the time!!!! I mean I totally understand that I’m going to be tired when I barely sleep… but that’s not the case!!! The word tired doesn’t even do how I actually feel justice. I’d say that it’s more exhausted than anything. Maybe you understand what I’m talking about. Maybe you’ve done it too! I mean those 5 letters… that one word… is the easiest way to explain it. I know I’M totally guilty […]

Snow day

I love it when it snows – the bigger the flakes the better! Snow makes me happy and I love how you can still see at night because of all the snow! Of course I only like it when I’m inside looking out… all comfortable… in my pajamas…. while drinking coffee and only when the snow is fresh! Yeah… you got me. I super-really-majorly dislike being cold!! I wonder if we’re going […]

To my 8-year-old self

It may not seem like it now, but it will get better. Trust me. You just have to stay strong like I know you can. The children you’re going to be surrounded with in the next couple of years just don’t know. I know that it is difficult and that you will cry to yourself quietly during recess and lunch. I know that it is difficult to leave a place you grew up […]

We laid him down to sleep….

We named him Popcorn because every time he became scared, excited or mad puffs of fur would be seen flying! We got him from Petsmart 19 years ago! Yeah… I called him Old Man Cat (….don’t ask). It was just this year when we started noticing the changes: he was losing weight, not as energetic, he was sleeping more and more, and he started to have problems with this hind legs. We took […]