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Happy Monday!

We all have those moments… difficult moments that make you want to pull your hair out, sweep your desk clean and just give up. Moments that frustrate us. Moments that annoy us. But we take a deep breath, and continue with what we were doing. …because we are AWESOME! So here is a little something to motivate you this Monday!


Just Because You Can’t See Me Struggling Doesn’t Mean I’m Not

I am in pain And I struggle everyday. I constantly argue with myself. It’s tough to have your mind tell you That you’re not good enough… That you’ll never be good enough…. That no one will read this… (Because noone will care…) Why would they want to? Why should you get out of bed…? Don’t bother doing anything… You’ll do it wrong anyway. And then they’ll get mad at you. Do you […]


Why I Have A Different Definition Of Health

I am so excited to introduce our #FeatureFriday blogger! Margaret Stuart from is a fitness enthusiast who is passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals. She dropped by the blog today to share with us her definition of health while being chronically ill.   Why I Have A Different Definition Of Health   I am currently in my last semester of college, finishing out my degree in Public Health and in […]


5 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

Plugins are a MUST HAVE for your WordPress blog! They allow you to further customize your blog to your liking and make it more “user friendly”.  They can help make your blog more appealing and more functional. …But there are SO MANY out there to choose from! How do you know which one to install? The following list are the plugins that I think every blogger must add to their blog without delay!   […]


Taking Care Of Myself… Massaged to Wellness

I love getting massages! Who doesn’t? A little feet rub at the end of a long day… a little neck rub… the scalp massage when getting their hair done at the salon… Oh man! Sometimes, your body just needs a hand – ha! mom joke. Massage helps your body treat itself without the use of medications; just with heat and a little manual manipulation, I am certain that I started seeing a Registered […]

How to improve your blog's IG account

How To Improve Your Blog’s Instagram Account!!!

So you have a blog and you want people to notice it. Maybe you already have an Instagram account for your blog but want to know how to make it better. Today I’m going to list 5 simple things that you can do today to improve your blog’s Instagram account! Make It A Business Account Whether your blog is a “personal” blog or it’s a “business” blog, make your Instagram account a business […]

What I learned my first month blogging

What I Learned During My First Month Blogging

One month down, a lifetime to go! I just passed my one month blogging milestone and I am so happy! *happy dance* My little corner of the Internet is alive and well! *gushes* I am here to share with you all of the things that I’ve learned during the past 30 days. I’m going to assume that since you are reading this, you are either wanting to start a blog of your own […]

16 movies to watch out for in 2017

16 Movies to watch out for in 2017!

A brand new year means another set of movies to look forward to! I am beyond excited about all the movies coming out this year! I’m not even the biggest movie goer but oh man, I am definitely going to try and watch these movies on the BIG SCREEN!! Hello, cheapie Tuesdays!  I try not to go to the movies often – it’s too expensive for me to watch all the time: 3 tickets + popcorn + drinks – […]

10 ways to manage a relationship with depression

10 Ways To Manage a Relationship With Depression

It’s always such a pleasure to meet like-minded people. I’ve suffered with depression during my life time, but only recently have I been diagnosed with clinical depression. I have always wondered what it was like to be on the other side of a partnership where depression exists. I am excited that through my new love of blogging, I met Alexandra – a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist based in New York – who […]

Goodbye Microsoft Hello Apple

Goodbye, Microsoft. Hello, Apple!

I’ve always been a Microsoft girl. Always. Forever. It’s just what I grew up with. Don’t get me wrong… I was never against Apple… I was one of the first in line for the first generation iPod! But… computer wise… Microsoft all the way! I’m going to be honest here, I’m not the greatest with computers. I swear it’s all against me. All of the computers I have ever owned would crash and would always seemed […]