Monthly Archives: April 2017

To My 20-Year-Old Self

We’ve been through a lot, don’t you agree? We’ve had to grow up so fast. It’s actually quite tiring thinking about it. We thought that once we were in our twenties it would get better. We have always dreamt marrying our one and only when were 27. Hope that we have a career by then. Hope that we have money in our bank account. Spoiler alert! – it doesn’t go the way […]

I need compassionate people in my life

As a Chronic Illness Sufferer, I Need Compassionate People In My Life

It’s tough living life with chronic illness. It’s even harder when the people around you aren’t compassionate. I’m very grateful that my family and close friends understand me. Sure, I was never the social type. It might seem like it when you meet me, but in reality, I am much happier at home. I’d rather stay in my sweats all day watching Netflix than go out. I’ve missed birthday celebrations and other get […]

I just want to sleep

Tick… tick… tick… I can hear the rain against my window. I can hear a random car pass by. My eyes are heavy so I close them. I pull my blankets high. Tick… tick… tick… I lay on my side, hand under my head with a pillow in between. Tick… tick… tick… it’s 1:45 in the morning. I’ve been in bed since 11. I just want to sleep. Tick… tick… tick… I […]