How Blogging Is Helping Me Fight My Depression

I first started seeing my counsellor in October of 2016; two months after finally being diagnosed with depression. I had been on a medical leave from school for just a little over a year, I had been diagnosed with 1 dermatological condition, 4 spinal conditions and I got into an MVA. Everything prevented me from going to school and work – no wonder I was depressed. 

One of the things that we spoke of about was the importance of the little things. I was feeling so unaccomplished and unmotivated. I was so lethargic it was hard to even get out of bed! I slept my days away. I had to force myself out of bed, shower, eat… I had to force myself to function even a little bit. I always thought, ‘What’s the point? I’m in so much pain already, if I do that I’ll be in even more pain…’ My counsellor worked with me for weeks and showed me just how much the little things matter. I was so used to looking at the BIG picture… the END goal… that I didn’t even think about how it takes the little things to achieve them.

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She got me to start working on one or two things. She helped me think differently. She would get me to focus on one thing, one goal to achieve before I saw her next. Some examples:

  • Little step: taking out meat from the freezer. Goal: dinner
  • Little step: putting on my runners. Goal: recumbent bike

She taught me that I should celebrate the little things. We celebrated every little win – every little achievement. In all honesty, it helped beyond belief. It made me feel accomplished. You have to understand… I’ve probably stayed in bed for a month. I mean, sure, I’d get up when I HAVE to but I wouldn’t actually accomplish anything besides getting up. What sort of things did we celebrate? I’ll give you an example; we celebrated when I was finally able to make macaroni and cheese for dinner one night… in one go.

Let’s fast forward a month and a bit, shall we? I was feeling a little better… I had been seeing my counsellor for a while, and the combination of medications I’d been taking seems to be working. If you’ve read some of my previous post, you’d know that I have always wanted to blog. So in December I just thought, ‘What the heck! I’m at home anyway! No better time to start!” I started with WordPress[dot]com but within the week I switched to WordPress[dot]org.

…and the rest is history! Just kidding!

How blogging is helping me fight my depressionA successful blog takes so many little things – and by successful I mean “Hey! You got a blog!” *high five* I think that it’s safe to say that we normally just look at the BIG picture when it comes to our blog: our vision, our main goal, is it aesthetically pleasing? I admit that I am guilty of that too. Even though, yes, my counsellor and I was just talking about the little things, I didn’t put the concept together with blogging.

Until I had a bad day. I hadn’t been feeling well. I was getting headache after headache. My mind was distracted by pain. I was getting behind on emails, and posting. All of that was making me feel so unaccomplished and unmotivated! I felt like there was just so many things to do and not enough time to do them all! I was so flustered! I had to change my way of thinking.

If you think about it, blogging is a WHOLE lot of little things. It *requires* all the little things for it to function. What little things, you say? Let’s look at one thing and break it down (because that’s what my counsellor told me to do)!

  • Blog Post
    • Planning
      • What are you going to write about?
      • Does it fit with your blog?
      • Do you have a category for it?
    • Writing
    • Editing
    • Photos
      • Will it be the same as the Featured Image?
      • If not, what will it be?
      • How many images are you going to include?
    • Featured Image
      • What will it be?
      • What colors?
      • What will be written on it?
    • Formatting
      • SEO
      • Category
      • Tags
      • Meta description
      • Focus keyword
    • The Extras
      • Are you going to have hidden images?
      • Better click to tweet
      • Content upgrades
      • Linking older posts

and that’s just ONE THING! One blog post! That doesn’t include promoting it afterwards!

So now, I wake up and I’ve got goals; little things that I need to do to keep this blog up and running. It keeps my mind busy. Keeps me focused on something. I make little goals to accomplish for the day with limitations. You know… answer 3 emails, schedule 1 interview (create featured image, edit and schedule)… sometimes that’s even too much. Right now, with the CoffeeHeartMind community, I have to make sure that the daily threads are posted.

But the point of this post? How IS blogging helping me fight my depression? With all that is required to reach each end goal, all the little things that I need to accomplish… each little goal that I complete makes me feel accomplished. Makes me feel somewhat successful. Sure, I may not reach the end goal in one day, but with each little thing I successfully complete, I am one step closer.

Some days, I just feel terrible. On those days, either I announce on social media that I am not feeling well and that hopefully I’ll be back the next day or I do just ONE thing. One little thing so that I feel somewhat accomplished – whether it be answering emails, responding to comments/mentions, or network for 15 minutes. After I complete that one thing, I call it a day.

I take advantage of my good days. I batch posts, schedule all the interviews in my inbox, and create all the images because I know that I will have bad days again – I’ve come to accept that. I was so proud that in January I was able to fill up February! I was able to schedule my #FeatureFridays, and have my posts scheduled! I had TWO posts scheduled a week and that felt great!!! This didn’t even include #TheBloggerBehindTheBlog because I only started it in February.

I’ve noticed such a difference in my depression since I started blogging. I’m so happy that I jumped in with both feet when I did.




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3 thoughts on “How Blogging Is Helping Me Fight My Depression

  • Heather LeGuilloux

    This was truly inspirational to read. Blogging sure is a lot of work but I feel the same sense of accomplishment when that blog post is finally finished and I hit the publish button and get to see my writing in all its edited glory. I’m guilty of putting my blog tasks in front of other priorities and it’s good to hear that a fellow blogger is recognizing when to put the blog down and focus on yourself. You’re doing an awesome job, Chelle!