CHM Community

So… creating a group has been on my mind for a while and only now does it seem plausible. I thought that starting a group now was a great idea!

  • I wanted ONE place to get in touch with my readers (that’s you!) – to talk, to keep you updated on what’s happening with the blog… some news… whatever the case may be!
  • I wanted ONE place to go to so that I can update those who have participated in any of the segments (#TheBloggerBehindTheBlog for example). You know, keep you updated on why I may be taking a while to respond to emails like this past week because I haven’t been feeling well…

But I also wanted a community! Friends I can count on! Friends I can bounce ideas off of! Support! Love! Coffee! =P

I am hoping that this community becomes another home for my readers – where we get to share ideas and comment and have a chat! Right now it’s just me in front of my laptop writing a post… and you waiting a week maybe until something is posted. But you and I can be having a conversation! Right now! Well.. maybe not right now… I’m having tuna and crackers… but you get the idea!

There are so many groups out there with hundreds or thousands of members… but I haven’t found a group for my niche. So I hope that this community turns into that as well!

Chronic illness and health bloggers UNITE! (I felt like the Avengers there…)


If you have been following me on social media and keeping up with the blog, you know that I love helping people connect – and that’s what I hope to do with this group.

But to keep things running smoothly, there are GUIDELINES in place. I’m just going to throw down the basics right now.

The guidelines are SIMPLE:
  • If you’re new to the group, INTRODUCE YOURSELF! Who are you, what’s your blog, what do you blog about? Don’t be afraid to drop your social media handles too! There’s a thread for that…
  • Feel free to ASK QUESTIONS and start a conversation on the wall!
  • Know the answer to another question? Answer! Share the love and knowledge!
  • Regarding comments: don’t be harsh!
  • No spamming! This isn’t a free-for-all page. There are other groups for that. I’ll be implementing Daily Threads here.
  • No live streaming! 
  • Don’t be rude. Don’t be mean. Leave the judgment out!
  • Do not add the admin’s personal Facebook page. If you need to message me, you can do so through my blog’s Facebook page.
  • The rules are subject to change as the group grows!
  • If the rules are not followed, I’m going to have to remove you.

Daily Threads

I’m still working on these, but as of right now they are as follows:

Share Sunday:
Let’s get to know one another!

Motivate Monday:
What are you working on for the day/week? Share it with us!

Let’s link Tuesday:
All social media accounts. Let’s find each other and connect!

What’s up Wednesday:
Looking for feedback? Looking to work together with someone? Need help with something? Bounce ideas off each other!

Yay Friday:
Let’s share some wins!

Chill Saturday:
Free for all!



We also have daily Instagram and Blog Post threads where we share our latest and greatest!

  • Instagram thread: one specific Instagram post that you need some love on – making sure that you return the favour by liking and leaving honest comments
  • Blog Post thread: where you drop your blog post in the comments and make sure to like, share, tweet, stumble, and pin others! Leave a comment on their blog if you like! Let’s spread the love!!!! Like their comment to let them know that you’ve shared the love!


I hope I see you guys there!