Meet Melissa of World Within My Mind!

Your name: Melissa L Gibson
Name of your blog: World Within My Mind
Blog social media accounts:
  • Bloglovin’: @mlgibsonwriter
  • Facebook: @mlgibsonwriter
  • Twitter: @mlgibsonwriter
  • Instagram: @mlgibsonwriter
  • Pinterest: @mlgibsonwriter
Meet Melissa 
Let’s get to know YOU:
Tell us a little bit about yourself (mini bio):
I’m a mother and wife of two wonderful children and an amazingly supportive husband. I spend most of my time caring for them and our small home while also working on posts for my blog, my many writing projects (some of which I’m hoping to publish over the next few years), and my craft business. 
What do you do outside of blogging (think school or work):
I’m a stay-at-home mom now, but I’m always working on one project or another from writing stories (short ones to novels) and working on different crafts. I’m hoping to try my hand at a craft fair at a local high school this fall. 
What do you like to do on your down time?
There isn’t much downtime in my life right now since my children are so young (2 months and 2 years of age). What little time I do have I’m usually writing, reading, or crafting. I’ve even been caught planning and organizing something since my home is a work-in-progress itself. 
Blog niche:
What’s the purpose of your blog? It’s a personal blog where I share my tips on writing, short stories, writing ideas, and even pieces about my current and future projects. It’s been a lot of fun getting it set up so far.
Who’s your target? Anyone who likes to read a good story, other writers, and especially those who love a good romance story.
What’s the best way for your audience to contact you? Any of my social media accounts or through email. My toddler believes my phone is his so I don’t get much done in the way of talking or texting.
How would you describe your blogging style? More personal since I’m sharing bits and pieces of me as I explore the craft of writing and all I’m learning about it.
When did you start blogging? I started in 2015 with this blog, but I didn’t start making a true effort with it until late last year with the annual NaNoWriMo event. It was so much fun and I’m looking forward to doing it again along with everything else on my plate.
What inspired you to start blogging? I wanted to get my writing out there for other people to enjoy and share. I’ve seen and tried other sites, but I wanted something that I could claim as my own and could have more control of what I shared, when I shared, and so forth.
What’s the biggest change in your life since you started blogging? I’m putting myself out there more, which is huge for me. I’ve always been a close to the vest sort of person, but by blogging, I’m allowing people to get to know me and my writing and I’ve found myself liking it, something foreign to this true introvert.
Blogging goals:
  • Short term: Building my blog with awesome content and gaining new readers.
  • Long term: Using my blog to launch new books I’ve published from non-fiction short works to full-length novels with romance as the forefront theme.
If you could start blogging all over again, what would you do differently? I would have found the wonderful blogging groups I’ve found a whole lot sooner. I would share more of myself than I did in 2015 and my experiences as I learn this amazing art of woven stories.
How do you motivate yourself to continue blogging? My writing alone excites me. I want to share what I’ve come up with each and every day though I limit myself to 4x a week.
What attributes has helped you become successful blogger? I don’t know about successful yet, but I think my determination, my drive, and my ability to put myself out there have definitely helped me.
How have you tried to increase your blog traffic? Which way has been the most successful? Mainly through my social media accounts and through groups. So far, I’ve seen some positive results. I plan on adding different routes soon from craft fairs and other venues, but these two definitely help.
What’s your favourite social media platform and why? Tough question. Before Pinterest, I would have said Facebook, but I’m coming to love Pinterest and even Twitter (though I just started only a couple days ago).
Most of your traffic comes from which social media platform? Right now, Facebook. My hope is to get more from others I build up a good following with them and get my stuff out there more.
What’s your favourite blogging group on Facebook? There are two actually: Blogging Newbs and Blog While You 9-5.
Do you have a freebie for your readers? If so, what is it? Do we need to subscribe to receive it?  I do have a few freebies that don’t require you to subscribe. They are templates of my organizational system I created to keep all I have going on together from my personal life, my writing, my crafting, and my blogging. I will soon have a few other freebies that will require you to subscribe to my mailing list. 
What’s your greatest win so far with blogging? Seeing the number of views slowly creeping up, which brings an amazing feeling. I love that people are wanting to read what I have to say.
What’s the biggest lesson you’ve so far with blogging? Patience. Nothing happens overnight, not even blogging.
Has blogging surprised you in any way? If so, how? I was actually surprised by how much I do enjoy sharing what I know and helping others with my experience. Blogging gives me this chance.
How often do you publish a post? I’m up to 4x a week right now.
Have you had writer’s block? If so, how did you overcome it? I did when I first started in 2015, which may be why I wasn’t as serious about it, but lately, I have so many ideas that I have enough to keep me going for at least 6 months or longer. Once I figured out the full compass of writing as a blogging topic, the world of opportunities just opened right up.
Do you have a blogging schedule? Daily theme? Please share! Right now, I post Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Mondays are word of the week posts where I pull a new word, define it, and write a small piece using that word as the central theme or plot. Wednesdays are writing prompt days where I create a prompt or tweak one I’ve found to make it my own and write another small piece tackling that prompt. (I’m actually making a book of prompts to publish soon with plans to expand it into a series.) Sundays and Saturdays are free days where I post an article, a piece I’m working on, a book review, or anything that comes to mind really.
Have you guest posted for someone? Not yet.
For whom?
Blog URL:
Do you accept guest posts? If yes, tell us about it! Not at this time, but maybe in the future.
Have you made money from blogging? If so, how? Not yet, but I’m hopeful it’ll come one day soon.
How long had you been blogging before you made any money? Haven’t made anything yet.
Who’s your favourite blogger before you started blogging and why? (Name and blog URL) There was a daily comic blogger from years ago that I enjoyed, but I can’t for the life of me remember the name or URL to share. The comics were of a young man and his robot (I think) and they were amazing with their witty banter and lessons learned.
Who’s your favourite blogger now and why? (Name and blog URL) I haven’t really found one yet from my niche, but I do enjoy and recommend Jackie Stoughton’s blog which focuses on helping bloggers keep their blogs legal with advice on policies, disclosures, and more. You can find her blog at
What type of blogs are you interested in reading and why? I’m really into other writing/literary blogs since I love to read, but I’m open to reading almost anything from parenting, lifestyle, beauty and fashion, and more.
List the top 5 blogs you are reading currently: (Names and blog URLs)
1.      Jade and Oak (
2.      Romance University (
3.      The Creative Penn (
4.      Writers Helping Writers (
5.      Writers Write (
Give advice to someone who wants to start blogging: Know what you want to write, research your niche, and build up a list of blog posts with as many ideas as you can. If you do this, you’ll never run out of topics for your blog that readers want to see.
Tell us one thing your readers don’t know about you: I’m sure it’s no secret, but I’m a huge dork. I love all things related to reading and writing from cute/sassy memes, collectibles, and books themselves. I’m growing my collection of writing and reading items with an emphasis on my favorite story of all time: Beauty and the Beast. I love, love, love anything from Disney’s version to the original classic and everything in-between.
Anything else you’d like to share with us? Go for it!!! 
Just love what you do whether it’s blogging or working a 9-5 job because that love will make even the most frustrating days you have worth it.
Leave a message for your readers:
To my current readers, thank you so much for reading my blog and staying with me on this crazy, amazing adventure into blogging and my other endeavors. To any future readers, please enjoy the ride. I truly believe it’ll be one we’ll all remember fondly years down the line.

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