Meet Norine of Norine Vander Hooven!

Your name: Norine Vander Hooven

Name of your blog: Norine Vander Hooven, LCSW Compassion, Support, Growth

Blog URL:

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Meet Norine!

Let’s get to know YOU:

Tell us a little bit about yourself (mini bio): I am a clinical social worker, and have been in the mental health field for 30 years. I work with adolescents, young adults, adults and families. I specialize in depression, anxiety, trauma and suicidal clients.

What do you do outside of blogging (think school or work): I am currently in Private Practice, and will be working with a local fire department in providing mental health services for them.

What do you like to do on your down time? Read, mandala coloring books, movies, and RELAX

Blog niche: Mental health, Mindfulness, Daily Living

What’s the purpose of your blog? To share information with my readers

Who’s your target? Anyone interested in mental health, mindfulness, gratitude, and parenting

What’s the best way for your audience to contact you? 805-244-6689 or

How would you describe your blogging style? I try to make it easy to read, with tips and ideas that are relatable to my readers.

When did you start blogging? About 4 months ago

What inspired you to start blogging? I took a class on blogging and thought this would be a good way to have people learn about the benefits of mindfulness, mental health issues, useful tips in daily living, and related topics

What’s the biggest change in your life since you started blogging? It has provided me with exposure to so many other great bloggers, which I’m also able to share with my readers and followers.

Blogging goals:

  • Short term: Continue to learn more about the benefits of blogging
  • Long term: Increase my private practice and be able to increase my audience.

If you could start blogging all over again, what would you do differently? Nothing at this time since I’m pretty new.

How do you motivate yourself to continue blogging? I’m always listening to things my clients are telling me and looking for trends and threads. It is another way to help people in a more global way.

What attributes has helped you become successful blogger? Determination and persistence

How have you tried to increase your blog traffic? Which way has been the most successful? I have pinned my blogs on Pinterest, and joined many blogging groups on different social media platforms.

What’s your favourite social media platform and why? So far, Facebook, because people can comment and easily share my posts.

Most of your traffic comes from which social media platform? Facebook

What’s your favourite blogging group on Facebook? Blogging 101

Do you have a freebie for your readers? If so, what is it? Do we need to subscribe to receive it? Yes, I have a freebie on 10 Ways to Engage in Self-Compassion. Yes, you need to subscribe to receive it.

What’s your greatest win so far with blogging? I have been published 4 times so far on PsychCentral

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve so far with blogging? Exposure, exposure, exposure on multi-social media platforms

Has blogging surprised you in any way? If so, how? Yes, in that I have gotten many comments on how helpful my blogs have been

How often do you publish a post? I try to post one time per week.

Have you had writer’s block? If so, how did you overcome it? Not yet. Still lots of ideas flowing.

Do you have a blogging schedule? Daily theme? Please share! I usually try to take my weekends to blog, although there have been times when I get an idea out of nowhere and start writing.

Have you guest posted for someone?

Do you accept guest posts? If yes, tell us about it! Yes! I don’t have any as of yet (2/17), but I’d love guest blogs on mental health, daily living, mindfulness and gratitude

Have you made money from blogging? If so, how? No

How long had you been blogging before you made any money? N/A

Who’s your favourite blogger before you started blogging and why? (Name and blog URL) 

Who’s your favourite blogger now and why? (Name and blog URL) Happily Imperfect, Sharon Martin  These were the first blogs I really followed. Sharon gives wonderful tips, great content, and easily relatable

What type of blogs are you interested in reading and why? Any really. My main goal in reading blogs is not only to be more well-rounded, but also to increase my knowledge base.

List the top 5 blogs you are reading currently: (Names and blog URLs) 

  1. Sharon Martin
  2. Sona DeLurgio
  3. Nicole Floss
  4. Michelle Pointer Farris
  5. DeeAnna


Give advice to someone who wants to start blogging: Get on Facebook groups. Most of the ones I’ve come across provide great support and feedback. It’s also a great way to be able to post your blog and get your work out there.

Tell us one thing your readers don’t know about you: I have 3 kids (16, 21 and 25), and am thrilled when they are all home at the same time!

Anything else you’d like to share with us? Go for it!!! I supervised a mobile crisis response team for youth for 5 years. This is where I became passionate about suicide prevention, and have been involved in the Suicidology community.

Leave a message for your readers: I hope you enjoy my blog, and if you have any comments or feedback please feel free to comment, and I will always respond.

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