When The Tables Turn and It’s Not You Feeling Unwell (Part 1)

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you all an event that occurred just a little over two weeks ago. I usually write about my experiences with my health, but today’s post is different. I feel that the title is very fitting.

Note: I have permission to write this LONG and detailed post. 

I’m usually the one that feels unwell in my family…

…and as much as we all hate it, we’ve come to accept that. I’m the one that’s constantly in pain, with numerous specialist appointments and hospital visits. I’m the one with a little pharmacy in the bathroom for all of the prescription medications that I have to take and use. That’s just been the reality for us for the longest time.

And no, I’m not being a hypochondriac. I’m just stating the facts.

But last week, the tables turned on me.

When the tables turn and it's not you feeling unwell (Part 1) @ CoffeeHeartMind

When the tables turn and it’s not you feeling unwell: His symptoms

At first, we thought that he just had the flu. Maybe he’d gotten a head cold from running in the morning twice last week, after working a 12-hour shift, when it had just snowed. He felt lousy and he had a fever. I gave him Tylenol hoping to bring his fever down – which it did. Thank goodness! But he still felt lousy.  His headache lasted all week and he would fatigue so quickly.

I’ve never seen him like that. Ever.

I would refer to him as my rock. I’M the sick one in this relationship. That’s how it’s always been. He barely ever gets sick and if he does, he’s back to 110% within two days! And then all of a sudden this happens!

He felt lightheaded when getting out of bed (this happens to me fairly often so I knew his blood pressure was low). He fatigues while showering. He fatigues while toweling himself off so much that he has to lay down after toweling 1/3 of himself. He gets lightheaded while toweling himself and he gets COMPLETELY winded. It’s as if he just went for a run! I was getting so worried! I made sure he just took it easy on his weekend. He had been craving fruits and vegetables, so I went to the store and got him a bunch! I made sure he ate well and I made sure that he’s rested. I just wanted him better!

But he got WORSE! The lightheadedness and fatigue continued. It actually began to happen much more frequently. His muscles began to tire so much that he couldn’t just bend forward, hands resting on his knees, while catching his breath – he would pretty much just flop on the floor whereever he was.

But his weekend couldn’t last long enough and before we knew it, Sunday was here. Sunday is the beginning of his work week. He had trouble sleeping during the day and was getting hungry, so he had a pear before trying to get some shut eye. He usually wakes up at 4pm to get ready for work but he woke up late at 4:30. He jumped out of bed to get ready and immediately felt dizzy. I told him to slow down… that he didn’t need to rush. So as he was getting ready for his shower, I went downstairs to prepare his food for work.

Knowing that he’s been feeling unwell, I went straight upstairs to check on him. Nothing had changed! He hadn’t gotten better. He still fatigued while showering. He had to lay down in the middle of toweling himself. I can see the frustration in his eyes. I saw the worry and fear. I completely understood as I was feeling the same. I told him that he should not go to work so that we can figure out what’s happening to him but he wanted to go to work stating that it’s probably too late to call in sick. Assured me that if he was still feeling unwell at work that he would call in to have a replacement sent to his location so that he could come home. I tried to convince him to stay but he wasn’t having it. So downstairs we went to load his car (I always help because he has the two bags that he brings with him plus the food I pack for him) but as he was putting his boots on, he got so lightheaded and winded that he had to lay down. That’s when I put my foot down! He was NOT going in to work!!!!!

Never mind that it had been snowing, that no matter how careful YOU are when driving, others may not be. What if he got lightheaded while driving? What if he got stuck in the snow? What if he had to change a tire? He can not drive in his condition.

I took him to the ER.


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One thought on “When The Tables Turn and It’s Not You Feeling Unwell (Part 1)

  • Brittany W

    It can be so scary when the “healthy” member of the family gets sick. Thanks for sharing about your experience. I will be looking out for the next parts of the story!